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Željko Blaće

I am a new media researcher/designer focused on networked media and community web platforms. 
My academic background is in visual arts and my professional focus is digital publishing and design. 
I worked extensively with digital video in both shooting and editing (from creative projects to TV reporting), 
as well as publishing video and rich media on-line (including organizing/managing meta information and archiving).
I have experience in net streaming and production of live media events.


My professional work experience is mostly in either
* on-line media work (as developer, editor and reporter) or
* art/cultural production (concept development, coordination and managing). 

I worked in a number of established organizations:
* Mi2 - Multimedia Institute in Zagreb (2000-2006) full and part-time employment
* Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka (2005) project production
* transmediale festival in Berlin (2004) assistant in production
* The THING NYC (2002) art manager in residence 

Working at [mi2] included collaborating with some of the biggest new media institutions in the world: 
*  Ars Electronica (Linz, AT), 
*  ZKM - Zentrum fiur Kunst und Mediatechnologie (Karlsruhe, DE), 
*  V2_ Institute for Unstable media (Rotterdam, NL), 
* CalIT2 - Center for Research in Computing and Arts (San Diego, USA)
*  C3 - Center for Culture and Communication (Budapest, HU), well as with a number of informal and grass-root/art initiatives.

I have a lot of experience in curatorial/editorial work for artistic/cultural events in new media 
work with prominent international artists like: 
* Brian Eno, Sandy Stone, Jeffrey Shaw, Wolfgang Staehle, Ricardo Dominguez, 
Natalie Jeremijenko, Heath Bunting, Golan Levin, Marko Peljhan, Kim Cascone, Michael Aschauer and many others... 

I have done editorial work for several websites and for print publication 
LABinary (6 newsletters published through Zarez newspaper) and 
have been involved in web mastering and design for different web projects (1996. - ).
I have extensive experience of working in non-profit field (legislative and financial management) 
and have participated in a number of fund raising activities.
I initiated and co-managed local and international networks and network projects 
("" regional association of centers of new media culture, 
nettime-see mailing list and media-art-hr Croatian list for media arts). 

My continuous interests are digital arts and media culture:
from video and installation art to newer forms like generative media, 
net art and computer game art, but also geek, queer, indy...), 
media technologies (especially those of tactical & community background 
as well as work in hybrid audio/video + computer technologies), 
arts/cultural management and cross-sector/field work 
(innovative cultural practices, organizing forms and platforms of co-production), 
open systems (software, hardware, protocols, infrastructure) and public domain.


With background of growing up in a small town in Herzegovina during the recent war and  
experience of living in big cities of Europe (Berlin, Cologne, Prague) and USA (NYC, LA, San Diego),
I feel truly as a global citizen and at home everywhere where I can get inspired.
I am ambitious and communicative person who trives in creative, intelectual and reflective work 
rather then in exclusivly skill oriented and repetitive labor (balanced mix is best in everyday practice). 
I prefer free and casual - over strict working environment 
(but still respecting fixed structures and established work flows)
and can enjoy working alone as much as getting feedback in group of peers. 

I enjoy planning and structuring, also feel comfortable with fuzzy situations 
and can handle pressure situations well if creative solutions are needed.
I get more inspired by inovative ideas rather than works of hard labor. 
I am looking to expand and deepen my interest from wide overviews 
to professional practice and form tangible results in cross-sections of named fields.